Tata Motors, Ludhiana

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The city council of Ludhiana is struggling to improve the public transport system for the 1.6 million citizens. Since Ludhiana is suffering from air pollution, with a highly jammed traffic and an old car fleet, it is a big challenge to make the public transport more appealing compared to other alternatives. Therefore the authorities have bought more than 340 buses from Tata Motors, most of them with Thoreb equipment, to encourage people to take the public transport instead of their car.


Thoreb's Project with Tata Motors

The project started in 2011, when Thoreb developed a new application for editing traffic data and destinations for Mobitec signs at the same time. With the application it is easy to use Indian characters, which had been an obstacle before. 

The buses built by Tata Motors are also equipped with video surveillance systems from Thoreb to increase the safety of passengers and drivers, since the crime rate in Ludhiana is quite high. To support new drivers in finding their way, the driver's display shows a map and guides the driver along the route. If any detour is necessary, the best way back on track is indicated. Furthermore, the driver will be alerted by pop-up messages and warning symbols on the display, if there is any problem reported over the CAN communication network. The system is prepared for further updates, like real-time monitoring of the vehicle fleet health, fleet management, etc.


We are proud to have made the public transport in Ludhiana more attractive for passengers and easier for them to use.