Haargaz 02

Haargaz Transportation, in Timurin, Israel, initially part of the cooperative group Histadrut Labour Union, is a coach builder building buses based on chassis from most of the common producers. Haargaz focus on following international standards for quality and safety, in their development, design and production of buses.  

Flexibility Creates Opportunities in a Cost-effective Manner

With a new factory of 60 000 m2 Haargaz will be able to meet future capacity needs as well as adapt to new technologies. Haargaz have been producing buses with Thoreb’s ELSY, Thoreb’s intelligent E/E architecture system, since 2006. As part of ELSY, Haargaz integrates Thoreb's dashboard panel (that can have up to 96 switches connected and 68 LEDs for function indication and control lamps) into the dashboard. Since Thoreb's dashboard panel is available in a variety of dimensions and combinations of switch matrixes, it is easily combined with other units in the dashboard. By using Thoreb's design tool ELSYgraf, the software for the entire ELSY system is designed. 


With a wide range of well thought-out solutions all challenges are exciting.