Express Coach Builders

ExpressCoach 02

Express Coach Builders, is an Australian vehicle manufacturer, situated in Nambucca Valley, between Sydney and Brisbane. Express Coach Builders are striving to fulfil their customers’ requirements. This means, besides offering buses built on a wide range of chassis, the chassis can be redesigned, for instance by extending the wheel base, before starting to build the body. Express Coach Builders also modifies buses from other bus manufacturers. One example of this is their development of a bus for breasts screening, including a mobile X-ray unit, full kitchen facilities and a dressing room.


The Customer in Focus

Express Coach Builders are producing buses with ELSY, Thoreb’s intelligent E/E architecture system, since the beginning of the 21th century. As part of ELSY, Express Coach Builders integrates Thoreb's dashboard panel (that can have up to 96 switches connected) into the dashboard, as well as our vehicle computer and driver display. With Thoreb’s dashboard panel it is easy to adapt the dashboard for different customers’ needs, since most changes can be made in the software. When changing the use of one, or several keys, Thoreb is happy to jointly design suitable symbols, if there are no standardised.


Besides having products enabling flexible design solutions, Thoreb is always willing to make customer adaptations.