Thoreb has several solutions that give remote vehicle diagnostics an entirely new meaning. Our customers get warnings and messages in real-time from the vehicle system as SMS, as well in applications on the Internet. Notifications about events of impor­tance are avai­lable 24 hours a day, wherever you are.

Thoreb's browser based application Early Warning not only presents diagnostics messages from the vehicles in real-time, it also presents other values of interest.

Since the information is sorted, based on its severity, the user of the system can take immediate actions when needed. If a vehicle seems to have errors coming up, preventive action can be taken when appropriate. The vehicles' location can be seen on a map and it is easy to see if they are driving a route or not.

Subscribed users can receive SMS messages about events considered to be really serious. If action needs to be taken immediately, information about the vehicle's position is easily available.


Remote diagnostics as you never have seen it before

  • Browser based
  • Updated in real-time
  • CAN diagnostics messages, sorted by severity
  • Alarm notifications in browser, as SMS, or by e-mail
  • Overview of the entire fleet, or vehicles belonging to a specific depot
  • Vehicles' location on a map


With our Early Warning you are able to reduce maintenance costs as well as inconvenience for passengers and drivers.