Thoreb has a unique remote diagnos­tics system that gives complete access to the Voith transmission at any time. The Thoreb on-board unit recog­nizes if a transmission fault occurs and sends a text mes­sage or an e-mail to the operator, who instantly can see all the information related to the gearbox using a smart­phone/computer and a standard web browser.

The operator can see the buses and receives information about the condition, or when maintenance is due. Thoreb has equipped all buses produced after 2013 of the ÖBB-Postbus and Wiener Linien fleet in Austria with this feature. With the unique system, the operators and workshops can now take care of many of the vehicles in an optimal way to maintain the good operational health of the vehicles, as well as improve planning and increase cost saving.

The Thoreb system provides the basis for preventive maintenance and minimises the downtime – saving buses from breakdown and the necessity for replacement vehicles.