Busscar 02

During the years, the bus body builder Busscar de Colombia has been manufacturing more than 7000 buses, foremost for the Columbian and Andean market (e.g. Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia). Busscar also intends to expand in Panama City in cooperation with Bering Motors and has representatives in MexicoThe production takes place in two plants, in the city Pereira, located in the centre of the Golden triangle (Medellín – Bogotá – Cali). The Busscar mission is to “ensure safety and quality in order to produce reliable buses that protect lives”.



Busscar pays attention to provide a well-organized aftermarket, with an extensive service network all over Colombia. Since they build approximately 500 buses a year with Thoreb’s intelligent E/E architecture system, this contributes to a reliable product as well as easier fault tracing, when/if an error occurs.

All employees at Thoreb’s subsidiary Thoreb do Brasil Sistemas Eletrônicos LTDA in Brazil aim at supporting the customers in the best way.