Itaipu Binational

Itaipu 02

Itaipu Binational, the second largest hydroelectric plant in the world, owned jointly by Brazil and Paraguay, is involved in the “EV project”, where “green” vehicles are developed. Within the project a completely electric minibus has been developed in association with Agrale and Mascarello, Brazilian chassis respectively bodywork manufacturers. Siemens has developed the electric system, amongst others including two electric motors of 67 kW, two frequency inverters and five 100% recyclable batteries. The minibus can carry 16 passengers, has a range of 150 km and can be recharged in eight hours.

Within the project, Thoreb has supplied our intelligent E/E architecture system ELSY, where one node works as gateway between all parts of the bus – battery control, motor, air condicioning and chassis. Another node handles the bus body, such as door control, lights, fans, amongst others. Our display with 15 buttons is integrated in the dashboard. It shows warning messages, the motor voltage and current, the batteries’ percentage of charge, etc.



Itaipu Binational aims at reducing the CO2 emission level, by participating in projects where more efficient batteries and charging methods are developed. Of course the batteries will be charged by renewable energy.