Panama City

PanamaCity 22

Panama City has played an important role during the years, ever since it was founded in 1519, with its strategic location at the Panama Canal entrance to the Pacific and as a gate to both the North and South of America.

Even though Panama has widely used public transport, traffic jams are common in Panama City. The city is known for its buses “Diablo rojos”, which are privately owned, graffiti covered, former old school buses, converted into city buses. However, those are on their way to be replaced by a new generation of bus fleet, Metrobus. During some years, 1200 buses have been put into traffic. This is implemented by the Colombian company Transporte Masivo de Panama S.A and the daily operation is handled by MiBus. 3500 jobs have been generated, not only drivers, but mechanics, administrators, and cleaning staff.



Our intelligent E/E architecture system ELSY is installed in all 1200 Metrobuses. They have room for 30 sitting and 50 standing passengers and are adapted for disabled persons. One key issue is preventive maintenance, which has been taken into account already when manufacturing the buses. With ELSY, error messages can be displayed as plain text for the driver, as well as the service staff.


New, modern buses bring order to the public transport in Panama City.