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ÖBB-Postbus is the major public transport operator in Austria, with a fleet of more than 2200 buses. In 2014, ÖBB-Postbus listed 231 million bus passengers. Corporate social responsibility is a major aspect within their business activity. Thoreb as a business partner encourages the movement towards a sustainable transport system.


Thoreb - supplier all over Austria

The project was started in 2012 and is constantly increasing. Our system will cover all ÖBB-Postbus buses in Austria, when the installation is finished.

Our Thoreb systems comprise both hardware and software in the buses, as well as applications for extracting customer adapted reports, displaying real-time values from vehicles. Since all values from CAN constantly are sent from the buses in real-time, service staff are immediately alerted via SMS if values are falling below/exceeding defined thresholds. Values can also be studied from any computer connected to the Internet. All buses have the Thoreb Eco and Fuel Management System (EFMS) installed, that helps the driver in minimising the bus’ fuel consumption and maximising the passenger comfort. The communication takes place over 3G. Some parts of the project also include onboard passenger information including voice announcements and infotainment on LCD/TFT displays. Moreover, our Automatic Passenger Counting System is installed in some of the ÖBB-Postbus buses. Our systems are also integrated with other systems, such as Zelisko ticketing system to get information about selected line number, destination, and a stop list, the Voith gearbox of the buses, IVU planning- and scheduling system and ÖBB-Postbus’ SAP system.


Since EFMS was introduced, both the drivers' and the management's awareness of driving behaviour has increased dramatically, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and idle time.