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Our customer Regia Autonoma de Transport Buchuresti (RATB) is managing the transport network of Bucharest, the capital of Romania. It consists of an extensive network of buses, trolleybuses, trams and light metros. The RATB network is one of the densest in Europe and the fourth largest on the continent, carrying about 1.7 million passengers daily on 121 bus lines, 30 tram lines, 3 light metro lines and 20 trolleybus lines. You can never be more than five minutes walking distance from a bus stop! RATB's bus fleet consists of more than 1450 vehicles.


Thoreb in RATB's renewal project

During four years RATB performed a renewal program of their fleet. Between 2006 and 2007, RATB bought 500 Mercedes Citaro low-floor buses. Moreover, 150 Irisbus Citelis trolleybuses were introduced on several routes, which all are wheelchair-accessible. In January 2008, the first of a further series of 500 Citaro low-floor buses were put into service. All these new vehicles are equipped with Thoreb equipment.

We installed our real-time information system and private radio communication in all of their new vehicles. Moreover, driver navigation/guidance on a zoom-able map and onboard passenger information including voice announcements and infotainment on displays were installed. All drivers, as well as the passengers can see on a digital map where they are and where they are going. In about 200 vehicles we mounted our Automatic Passenger Counting System. Furthermore, in all of their new vehicles RATB benefits from our onboard video surveillance, in order to enhance the safety for drivers and passengers. On a designated display, the driver gets a broad overview of the situation inside, as well as outside the bus. Our installed vehicle computers collect information from the vehicles, regarding driving performance, number of passengers, driving times, etc. This information is presented as reports in our Follow-up Reporting system.


As a result, RATB has been able to decrease their number of drivers and to optimise their fleet. Moreover, our onboard video surveillance system encourages a very low violent crime rate in Bucharest's public transport. We are very proud, that we take part in making the public transport in Bucharest more easy and comfortable for passengers. No one is surprised that RATB has satisfied their travellers and that they increased the use of their transport network, since their fleet is now among the most modern in Europe.