MBNA Thames Clippers

Thames 02

MBNA Thames Clippers carries more than 10 000 passengers each day with their fleet of 15 high-speed catamarans (from the summer of 2015), that are operating in London. The company focuses on their passenger comfort, high safety and low environment impact. For instance, all vessels are wheelchair and pram accessible. The two newest vessels have lightweight constructions to minimise the need of power, and the impact of the environment. 


Thoreb Keeps Track of Commuters and Visitors Crossing the River Thames

Since the safety is of great importance, and the regulations for vessels are rigorous, it is essential to know at all times how many passengers are onboard. It has been a challenge to implement the passenger counting system on the MBNA Thames Clippers, since there are several areas where the passengers can move around, and the gates are designed quite differently. Also, the staff should not be counted while they are letting passengers onboard and off board. However challenges are welcome, since they are helping us to progress. 

By using our Automatic Passenger Counting System, the MBNA Thames Clippers' staff can focus on their ordinary duties, at the same time as the valuable traveller statistics is accessed for each vessel, in real-time over the Internet.


By using the APC system delivered by Thoreb, MBNA Thames Clippers can provide needed information to the Port of London authority, whenever needed.