Mercedes, Evobus

Wien Mercedes 02

Mercedes, Evobus is the leading full-line bus supplier on the European market, with a history that goes back to as early as 1883 and 1890, when Benz & Co. respectively Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft was founded. With the customer at mind, Evobus focus on high quality. Therefore the company is thorough in complying with all relevant laws, rules and regulations.


Reduced Fuel Consumption - Reduced Cost and Environmental Impact

Thoreb has been the supplier of the on-board passenger information system and video surveillance system to all 1000 Mercedes buses delivered to Regia Autonoma de Transport Bucuresti (RATB), Romania. In Austria, Thoreb has complete access to the CAN system in all Mercedes buses delivered to ÖBB-Postbus. All buses have the Thoreb Eco and Fuel Management System (EFMS) installed, that helps the driver in minimising the bus’ fuel consumption and maximising the passenger comfort. Since all values from CAN constantly are sent from the buses in real-time, service staff are immediately alerted via SMS if values are falling below/exceeding defined thresholds. Values can also be studied from any computer connected to the Internet.


By installing Thoreb's systems, the end customer gets added values.