Carrosserie Hess

Hess 022

Carrosserie Hess AG, with its headquarters in Bellach Switzerland, has stayed in the same family for five generations, ever since it was founded in 1882. Since then, Carrosserie Hess has grown into an international company, with partners all over the world. Carrosserie Hess designs and manufactures the entire buses. All down the line they pursue high quality, flexibility and reliability, combined to produce environmentally friendly transport solutions.


Pioneer in all Aspects

Carrosserie Hess has developed a modular system, CO-BOLT®, a range of extruded aluminium alloy sections, to minimize the weight of the construction, increase the life span, facilitate repair, etc. Through CO-BOLT® licenses, about 2400 buses are built every year on five continents by other bus builders.

Carrosserie Hess has been Thoreb’s customer since 1996. Thoreb’s intelligent E/E architecture system ELSY is used as standard in all bus models and our driver display as well as dashboard panel (that can have up to 96 switches connected) are integrated into the dashboard. During the years Carrosserie Hess has contributed valuable feedback to Thoreb’s development of new features. For instance, Thoreb has developed a number of interface modules in our user-friendly design tool, ELSYgraf, to meet the requirements of Hess. Also, the driver display can show valuable status information from different parts of the bus system.


Thoreb is constantly striving to fulfil the needs of our customers since we enjoy challenges.