Higer Bus


Higer Bus, with more than 6000 employees, is one of the fastest growing bus manufacturers in China. The manufacturing site covers impressing 950 000 m2 and the customers are found in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.


Focus on Product Development and High Competence

To increase the competence and optimize the product development, Higer is for instance cooperating with Scania, Sweden. In addition, Higer actively cooperates with many domestic universities and scientific research institutions.

Thoreb has been the supplier of ELSY, Thoreb’s intelligent E/E architecture system, since 2009, in the Scania Touring bus, produced by Higer. Thoreb’s design tool ELSYgraf and diagnostics application Canela+, are very appreciated by the Higer electronics engineers, since they have proven to substantially shorten the design phase of the electrical system and facilitate fault tracing.