Caio Induscar



The bus body builder Caio Induscar, has an office in São Paulo and a production site in Botucatu. The factory has 3000 employees and a capacity of 40 bus bodies/day (from 2016). Caio Induscar produces a wide range of models, from urban buses to school buses, vans and even bullet proof vehicles. The vehicles are built on chassis from Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Volvo and Volkswagen.



Besides strong domestic markets, Caio Induscar exports to South Africa, Angola, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Jordania, Lebanon, Nigeria, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Tahiti, Trinidad & Tobago, etc.

Thoreb supplies ELSY, Thoreb’s intelligent E/E architecture system for 1000 buses/year to Caio Induscar, and has done so ever since 1998. Our nodes are available in three different sizes, with various numbers of inputs and outputs and can be combined to fit any bus model. Since all nodes operate independently, as well as interact with each other, the system is less vulnerable to failure than master/slave systems. As well as designing the electrical system using our nodes, a display with 15 keys is integrated in the dashboard. The display is used for vehicle health diagnostics. Also, the status for each node's in- and outputs can be studied. Settings can be made related to climate control, destination signs, lighting in- and outside the buses and windscreen wipers.


Thoreb’s subsidiary Thoreb do Brasil Sistemas Eletrônicos LTDA in Brazil is always close to our customers, ready to provide support in the best way.