Jönköping’s Länstrafik, which is the public transport authority in the county of Jönköping, has a vision that by 2020 75% of all public transport journeys should be made by electric vehicles. The remaining vehicles should use renewable fuels. Already in 2001 they started a project “Think tram but use buses”. The design has been based on four main parts: Firstly, intra-city bus traffic with dedicated roads built straight as rails. The bus roads are parallel and do not cross each other, thereby buses can meet without interference. Secondly, the buses get priority at traffic lights, which mean less stops and faster trips. Thirdly, articulated buses with high capacity and frequent departures. Fourthly, true real-time information provided to travellers at bus stops and other busy locations.


Thoreb - a Long-term Business Partner

Since the project was launched it has been extended several times, to cover the entire region. 

All busses of Jönköping’s Länstrafik are equipped with our complete real-time information system. Moreover, communication via private radio network (3G on the region buses) is possible and onboard passenger information including voice announcements and information on displays are installed in the buses. Our Traffic Management Application helps with analysing the traffic. Statistics with automatic reports in PDF and Excel format can be accessed. Furthermore, our system controls traffic light priority in 18 intersections and at two road barriers. In addition, our real-time information system provides correct information about departures for travellers both on signs in the city and on the Internet application Journey Planner.


Our system is vital for enhancing the public transport in Jönköping. Since Thoreb's real-time system was introduced, the passengers have always been satisfied and the number of passengers has increased. The traffic situation within the city has also improved significantly. Motorists do not need to contend with buses on the streets any longer and therefore accept the interruptions at traffic lights, when a crossing bus has priority. We are very proud to be such a big part of Jönköping's public transport development and are looking forward to support the county with our state of the art technologies in the future.