The Thoreb Eco Driving and Fuel Management System (EFMS) helps the driver mini­mise fuel consumption and maximise passenger comfort. With the Thoreb EFMS, it is possible to improve driver driving behaviour and reduce the fuel cost. The Thoreb EFMS registers when the driver uses the throttle too harshly and the comfort­able acceleration limit is exceeded. Besides registering the acceleration, the sideways acceleration is taken into account.

When driving through a bend, the driver will instantly get a warning if the throttle was pressed too long before the curve. The warning is made by lit indicators, from green to red, depending on severity. If the driver strives to always have the green indicator lit, both the fuel consumption level and passenger comfort will be optimised. The driving behaviour is logged at all times by the Thoreb EFMS. Using 3G/4G, all this data can be sent in real-time to our servers and be presented on our web application for remote vehicle diagnostics. Also the data will be stored in a central data warehouse, where detailed and summary reports can be extracted.


Numerous advantages

  • Instant driving behaviour feedback
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Less brake wear
  • Increased passenger comfort
  • Reports of driving behaviour


With the Thoreb Eco Driving and Fuel Management System you will not only be able to reduce your fuel costs and maximise the passenger comfort, you will also improve efficiency and reduce the impact on the environment.